The Childlike Empress of Fantastica (crazy_catlady) wrote in filthyharlot,
The Childlike Empress of Fantastica

Costume Advice?

Hello everyone. I wish to be Illyria for halloween. I need really cheap costume-type things, and I was wondering if anybody out there was any tips/advice for me. I'm planning to wear fred's reddish top and skirt, from the end of a Hole in the World and the beginning of Shells. Does anybody know where I might be able to get similar clothes? Also, I'm looking for Halloween contacts similar to Illyria's eyes, the cheapest I can find. I plan on getting my hair professionally dyed before halloween. As for makeup, I'm just planning to use eyeshadow mixed with vaseline to make it stick. If somebody used a different homemade Illyria makeup method and it worked really well, I'd like to know. Thank you in advance for advice!

EDIT: Of course, if anyone knows where I can get Illyria's armor costume that doesn't look like it's made of cheap Halloween costume material(it can be made of cheap material, just doesn't have to look like it is!), please let me know!

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Okay. Here's what I did:

I found a similar outfit to Fred's at H&M.

I know you said you've got the hair covered already, but for the blue skin? I just used the same blue hairspray that I used to make my hair blue - the kind of stuff you'll find at Hot Topic before Halloween - and very, very carefully, holding a hand above my eyes so it wouldn't get in them, sprayed the blue on my forehead, a bit on the sides of my face, and on my arms. Then I went over places with blue eyeshadow on a big fluffy blush brush to give it some shading. I put a little blue eyeshadow on my eyelids, too, because she had a slight blue sheen there, and for the lips I used this liquid eyeshadow stuff in silvery-blue covered with light blue lipstick. It stayed on forever.

The contacts can be found here.
Those are cheaper than the ones I've seen. Thanks!
Can't say I have any extra advice that viridian didn't give. Good luck!

Personally, I use Ben Nye Cakes for my Illyria makeup. I also found a tube of blue lipstick and a tube of silver. I apply the blue first, then the silver and have been happy with the results.

As much as I wore the outfit, I nearly fried my hair with dying it so I wear a wig now.

I'd love to see photos!
I like your outfit! Did you make that yourself?
Thanks! I love to wear it.

No, a friend put it together for me.

Here's the webpage she put together while she was working on it. She airbrushed my face a few times, but I use Ben Nye to apply the makeup to myself.
Oh! I've seen that site. I thought you looked familiar, heh heh.
Also used Ben Nye for the makeup; it worked very well. I used it over the lips as well, though lipstick certainly feels better on.