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Illyria's musings on Halloween

Forty eight hours ago was the day that humans call "Halloween". It is a holiday of some sort, that the humans say happens once a year. I decided to participate in the accompanying ritual in my effort to better understand human behavior. The humans masqueraded as one thing or another, most of the things they tell me are fictional characters from "T.V.", "movies", and books. Some spend a great amount of their human currency to get their "costume" the way they want it, when this currency can be saved for things necessary for living, like food. This makes no sense to me. They insist that it's "fun".  Appearing to be something they are not seems to be a large part of human culture, but this day they seem to emphasize it.

I accompanied four humans, named Dan", Sarah, Anna, and Cody. During this ritual, the humans walked along their streets in small groups, stopping at other buildings. When the humans inside the buldings opened their doors, they yelled, "Trick or treat!" Then, they recived small objects covered in shiny plastic wrapping. I examined the contents of the bag, and the objects are food, made of lots of things, mostly sugar. Humans seem to have an unhealthy relationship with the consumption of sugar, and this only proved my theory. Along the way, I saw the ground littered with many things. I queried the human Sarah about this. She explained that during Halloween, some humans engage in vandalism. The most popular activities are throwing chicken eggs, squirting a substance called "shaving cream", and breaking large orange pumpkins (which are a type of plant), especially if other humans have decorated them first. I asked Sarah the point of this, and she said that some humans find it fun, as well, although not the humans that are the victims of vandalism. Eventually, we returned to the area we started out from.

In conclusion, after walking for several hours and collecting various forms of sugar, I have determined this ritual completely pointless.
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