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Drabble: I Dream

This is inspired by and written for joss100Jossverse 100. Prompt #001: Dreams. It's short - the word count is 220, and if any of you have read my previous Illyria fic Vengeance, you'll notice the similarity, which is deliberate. Nothing of course belongs to me, it's all down to Joss and his associates. Comments would be lovely. X-posted to joss100


Fall into Painful dark and Burning torment

Slice into supple flesh. Hack into snapping bone.


Weep and blame the rain.

I am perplexed. I do not understand why I feel this way.

Why I feel, so… human; why I feel.

Since the loss of my... power, I have been suffering with visions. They plague me when the day turns to night and I am forced by human necessity to close my eyes to this world that I am trapped in. A time that I once found agreeable is now full of torment. Because they show what has passed; a time that I no longer belong in, a time where I can never *be*.

And yet now I discover they are not what they seem.

They are called Dreams.

Images, composed simply because of the weak mind of the Shell I inhabit. If I were able, I would isolate this element of humanity and banish it from my being. But I am not. And now I am to suffer torment when the blackness overwhelms me and I fall into it.

And I cannot conquer it.

It is inconceivable that this should happen to me. I am Goddess. I am Perfection. The World trembled to its knees at My feet... I was... I Was... It Did...

And now, I Dream.
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